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"You should go into radio or voice acting or something..."

- Everyone I've Ever Met

My name is Atlas Jones and I'd like to thank you for considering me for your next project. I graduated High School in 2015 and while selecting my classes in college, was shocked when all of the slots for the classes I wanted were filled. The only available option for my third hour period in college was an "Introduction to Theatre Design" class. I figured, "What the hell. Let's do it."

Little did I know that I would soon fall in love with the performing arts even more so than I already had. From that point on, I've dedicated my life and spare time to honing my ability to create convincing performances through various means but none have given me the fulfillment that voice acting has. 

For nearly 10 years I have been collecting supplies from shoestring budgets and making do with what I have. Finally, in late 2022, I was tagged in a post by a friend on Facebook asking for Voice Over Artists to record commercials for a local company. Now I want to expand my reach to wherever you are.

If you've listened to my reels and think I would make a good fit for your project, get in touch with me! I'm always available to text or email!

- Atlas Jones


"I'd never have guessed that your voice would be attached to... You..."

- Also Everyone I've Ever Met

What I've learned over the years is not the perfect way to do any one task. There are seldom things with a perfect standard anyways, so I figured that rather than spend sleepless nights trying to devise ways to do things flawlessly, I would rather open up and listen to what I'm being told.

That is why I offer unlimited revisions to any project as well as what I like to call "Inflection Coaching" at no extra charge. Inflection Coaching is key in making sure that what I'm sending you is exactly correct. I'll send you a draft and you send me back exactly where you'd like my inflection to change. If need be, I am more than happy to jump into a voice call with you and we can hash it out there, with live examples being present. This allows for you to:

1.) Maximize the Unlimited Revisions I offer.

2.) Ensure that the product you're paying me for is exactly what you want it to be. No exceptions. 

I look forward to working with you!

- Atlas Jones



- Historically, some children that have heard me speak.

What qualifies me over some of the other talent out there? I'm glad you asked. For one, the Inflection Coaching that allows you to receive exactly what you're looking for in a voice over/acting artist, but also the time that I have spent saving, carefully purchasing, and researching supplies and techniques to better my craft. I'll post an equipment list below, but I want to share with you how much time I have spent seeking out only the most viable advice for this profession. 


Voice Over and Voice Acting are incredibly competitive industries. Luckily, I was in a horrible accident involving a sword and my throat at the age of 5 (that's a real story, I'd be happy to share) that has, presumably, resulted in the voice I have now. I count my lucky stars that I:

1.) Survived

2.) Have a cool voice now.

But a voice isn't enough. Discipline and conscious, consistent effort are also mandatory. Without question, these are the things that set me apart. These qualities make the person you see before you and I am so incredibly excited to make your acquaintance and to work with you.


- Atlas Jones


My Studio Peripherals: 


Shure SM7B


Focusrite Scarlett Solo (3rd Gen)

Acoustic Paneling:

Room Wide - Full Studio Build (Pictures to come)

Audio Software:

Full Adobe Suite, mainly Adobe Audition for mastering


Let's work together!

Thanks for submitting!

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